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Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
SexIndustry of Employment
Hide subtree PersonsHide subtree Total19 57921 86122 474
 Agriculture, forestry and fishing290257217
 Manufacturing3 2773 1632 807
 Electricity, gas, water and waste services128149176
 Construction1 2391 9551 929
 Wholesale trade919833757
 Retail trade2 5713 0032 824
 Accommodation and food services1 5711 7191 778
 Transport, postal and warehousing771926952
 Information media and telecommunications419347290
 Financial and insurance services438539468
 Rental, hiring and real estate services303296288
 Professional, scientific and technical services8831 0361 005
 Administrative and support services547557618
 Public administration and safety1 1421 4281 671
 Education and training1 5541 6811 965
 Health care and social assistance2 1542 4853 087
 Arts and recreation services166198237
 Other services786816893
 Inadequately described/Not stated413456475
 MalesHide subtree Total10 58711 65811 595
 Agriculture, forestry and fishing217186158
 Manufacturing2 5002 4502 210
 Electricity, gas, water and waste services110124153
 Construction1 0811 7171 698
 Wholesale trade678596545
 Retail trade1 1011 2221 175
 Accommodation and food services612677676
 Transport, postal and warehousing613729743
 Information media and telecommunications262204152
 Financial and insurance services182217173
 Rental, hiring and real estate services146142139
 Professional, scientific and technical services445555532
 Administrative and support services257299324
 Public administration and safety630723832
 Education and training514498567
 Health care and social assistance453481612
 Arts and recreation services10497115
 Other services459463494
 Inadequately described/Not stated215265267
 FemalesHide subtree Total8 99210 20310 879
 Agriculture, forestry and fishing737159
 Electricity, gas, water and waste services182523
 Wholesale trade241237212
 Retail trade1 4701 7811 649
 Accommodation and food services9591 0421 102
 Transport, postal and warehousing158197209
 Information media and telecommunications157143138
 Financial and insurance services256322295
 Rental, hiring and real estate services157154149
 Professional, scientific and technical services438481473
 Administrative and support services290258294
 Public administration and safety512705839
 Education and training1 0401 1831 398
 Health care and social assistance1 7012 0042 475
 Arts and recreation services62101122
 Other services327353399
 Inadequately described/Not stated198191208


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