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Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Total Family Income (weekly)Number of Children
Hide subtree TotalHide subtree Couple family with total5 0565 0024 994
 One child1 7191 7211 766
 Two children1 9842 0162 055
 Three children1 012940865
 Four or more children341325308
 Negative/Nil incomeHide subtree Couple family with total61116
 One child358
 Two children334
 Three children034
 Four or more children000
 $1-$199Hide subtree Couple family with total91422
 One child3611
 Two children348
 Three children343
 Four or more children000
 $200-$399Hide subtree Couple family with total1093723
 One child441310
 Two children38109
 Three children17100
 Four or more children1044
 $400-$599Hide subtree Couple family with total29816487
 One child1308241
 Two children925333
 Three children52248
 Four or more children2455
 $600-$799Hide subtree Couple family with total538263192
 One child19410885
 Two children2069263
 Three children974831
 Four or more children411513
 $800-$999Hide subtree Couple family with total671317249
 One child224122100
 Two children27112699
 Three children1275134
 Four or more children491816
 $1,000-$1,499Hide subtree Couple family with total1 3831 361907
 One child464426355
 Two children549589350
 Three children285266147
 Four or more children858055
 $1,500-$1,999Hide subtree Couple family with total822966925
 One child275358285
 Two children333372403
 Three children164176165
 Four or more children506072
 $2,000-$2,499Hide subtree Couple family with total336525797
 One child93190272
 Two children143222349
 Three children8485141
 Four or more children162835
 $2,500-$2,999Hide subtree Couple family with total95358473
 One child36110157
 Two children41144204
 Three children147987
 Four or more children42525
 $3,000 or moreHide subtree Couple family with total54287625
 One child1578198
 Two children21124278
 Three children1363112
 Four or more children52237
 Partial income stated(b)Information on itemHide subtree Couple family with total655634603
 One child209198215
 Two children254251228
 Three children139120117
 Four or more children536543
 All incomes not stated(c)Information on itemHide subtree Couple family with total806575
 One child292529
 Two children302627
 Three children171116
 Four or more children433


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