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Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Dwelling StructureTenure Type and Landlord Type
Hide subtree Total private dwellingsHide subtree Total17 43218 43019 400
 Owned outright6 0205 3495 493
 Owned with a mortgage(a)Information on item5 0026 1566 429
Hide subtree Rented total5 5175 6696 187
 Real estate agent2 8753 3433 849
 State or territory housing authority973938831
 Person not in same household(b)Information on item1 2019961 086
 Housing co-operative/community/church group104114144
 Other landlord type (c)Information on item258169192
 Landlord type not stated10610985
 Other tenure type(d)Information on item202163164
 Tenure type not stated6911 0931 127
 Separate houseHide subtree Total13 10013 88714 855
 Owned outright5 1734 6164 857
 Owned with a mortgage(a)Information on item4 6555 6525 923
Hide subtree Rented total2 6812 8233 237
 Real estate agent1 0291 3311 736
 State or territory housing authority736707586
 Person not in same household(b)Information on item638590695
 Housing co-operative/community/church group625747
 Other landlord type (c)Information on item16470107
 Landlord type not stated526866
 Other tenure type(d)Information on item134117131
 Tenure type not stated457679707
 Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse etc. totalHide subtree Total1 1451 2831 106
 Owned outright341288234
 Owned with a mortgage(a)Information on item119184161
Hide subtree Rented total627702612
 Real estate agent426490436
 State or territory housing authority455513
 Person not in same household(b)Information on item126117101
 Housing co-operative/community/church group101841
 Other landlord type (c)Information on item131418
 Landlord type not stated783
 Other tenure type(d)Information on item141821
 Tenure type not stated449178
 Flat, unit or apartment totalHide subtree Total2 8873 0323 288
 Owned outright419382343
 Owned with a mortgage(a)Information on item195294340
Hide subtree Rented total2 0862 0362 274
 Real estate agent1 3901 4971 661
 State or territory housing authority192172232
 Person not in same household(b)Information on item378279278
 Housing co-operative/community/church group323956
 Other landlord type (c)Information on item501931
 Landlord type not stated443016
 Other tenure type(d)Information on item36249
 Tenure type not stated151296322
 Other dwelling totalHide subtree Total205218135
 Owned outright605959
 Owned with a mortgage(a)Information on item15235
Hide subtree Rented total9110551
 Real estate agent142210
 State or territory housing authority040
 Person not in same household(b)Information on item47108
 Housing co-operative/community/church group000
 Other landlord type (c)Information on item276633
 Landlord type not stated330
 Other tenure type(d)Information on item1843
 Tenure type not stated212717
 Dwelling structure not statedHide subtree Total951016
 Owned outright2740
 Owned with a mortgage(a)Information on item1830
Hide subtree Rented total32313
 Real estate agent1636
 State or territory housing authority000
 Person not in same household(b)Information on item1204
 Housing co-operative/community/church group000
 Other landlord type (c)Information on item403
 Landlord type not stated000
 Other tenure type(d)Information on item000
 Tenure type not stated1803


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