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Data by theme
Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Dwelling StructureHousehold Composition and Family Composition
Hide subtree Total private dwellingsHide subtree Family households total17 42818 42919 400
 Couple family with no children3 9724 4694 866
 Couple family with children5 0444 9754 980
 One parent family1 9942 0942 181
 Other family209220177
 Family households totalInformation on item11 21911 75812 204
 Lone person households4 8204 9865 581
 Group households795892830
 Other households(d)Information on item594793785
 Separate houseHide subtree Family households total13 10013 88714 856
 Couple family with no children3 3383 7224 185
 Couple family with children4 8264 7654 697
 One parent family1 6261 6951 798
 Other family140155128
 Family households totalInformation on item9 93010 33710 808
 Lone person households2 4132 6233 046
 Group households437510552
 Other households(d)Information on item320417450
Hide subtree Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse etc. totalHide subtree Family households total1 1471 2801 108
 Couple family with no children217265219
 Couple family with children807372
 One parent family116139104
 Other family191717
 Family households totalInformation on item432494412
 Lone person households588616567
 Group households919276
 Other households(d)Information on item367853
 One storeyHide subtree Family households total1 0241 106998
 Couple family with no children199232197
 Couple family with children716557
 One parent family11012391
 Other family161314
 Family households totalInformation on item396433359
 Lone person households522543529
 Group households787362
 Other households(d)Information on item285748
 Two or more storeysHide subtree Family households total123174110
 Couple family with no children183322
 Couple family with children9815
 One parent family61613
 Other family343
 Family households totalInformation on item366153
 Lone person households667338
 Group households131914
 Other households(d)Information on item8215
Hide subtree Flat, unit or apartment totalHide subtree Family households total2 8843 0333 286
 Couple family with no children358434441
 Couple family with children103120196
 One parent family237250272
 Other family504232
 Family households totalInformation on item748846941
 Lone person households1 7161 6621 910
 Group households252285199
 Other households(d)Information on item168240236
 In a one or two storey blockHide subtree Family households total2 6112 6303 128
 Couple family with no children320399421
 Couple family with children96105189
 One parent family224220263
 Other family473232
 Family households totalInformation on item687756905
 Lone person households1 5501 4291 819
 Group households234243186
 Other households(d)Information on item140202218
 In a three storey blockHide subtree Family households total123173116
 Couple family with no children71215
 Couple family with children3104
 One parent family3175
 Other family330
 Family households totalInformation on item164224
 Lone person households9310471
 Group households51510
 Other households(d)Information on item91211
 In a four or more storey blockHide subtree Family households total11621426
 Couple family with no children22200
 Couple family with children450
 One parent family7104
 Other family070
 Family households totalInformation on item33424
 Lone person households5112316
 Group households13273
 Other households(d)Information on item19223
 Attached to a houseHide subtree Family households total341616
 Couple family with no children935
 Couple family with children003
 One parent family330
 Other family000
 Family households totalInformation on item1268
 Lone person households2264
 Group households000
 Other households(d)Information on item044
Hide subtree Other dwelling totalHide subtree Family households total201218133
 Couple family with no children364321
 Couple family with children181711
 One parent family8103
 Other family060
 Family households totalInformation on item627635
 Lone person households767955
 Group households950
 Other households(d)Information on item545843
 Caravan, cabin, houseboatHide subtree Family households total132152102
 Couple family with no children162814
 Couple family with children3104
 One parent family8103
 Other family030
 Family households totalInformation on item275121
 Lone person households585246
 Group households400
 Other households(d)Information on item434935
 Improvised home, tent, sleepers outHide subtree Family households total8118
 Couple family with no children030
 Couple family with children000
 One parent family000
 Other family000
 Family households totalInformation on item030
 Lone person households330
 Group households000
 Other households(d)Information on item558
 House or flat attached to a shop, office, etc.Hide subtree Family households total615523
 Couple family with no children20127
 Couple family with children1577
 One parent family000
 Other family030
 Family households totalInformation on item352214
 Lone person households15249
 Group households550
 Other households(d)Information on item640
 Dwelling structure not statedHide subtree Family households total961117
 Couple family with no children2350
 Couple family with children1704
 One parent family704
 Other family000
 Family households totalInformation on item4758
 Lone person households2763
 Group households603
 Other households(d)Information on item1603


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