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StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
Method of Travel to Work
Hide subtree Total279152127
Hide subtree Total one method229126103
 Ferry 000
 Tram (includes light rail)000
 Car, as driver1116645
 Car, as passenger1248
 Walked only703040
Hide subtree Total two methods1239
 Train and 1 Other:000
 Ferry 000
 Tram (includes light rail)000
 Car, as driver000
 Car, as passenger000
 Bus and 1 Other909
 Ferry 000
 Tram (includes light rail)303
 Car, as driver303
 Car, as passenger000
 Other two methods330
Hide subtree Three methods:000
 Train and two other methods000
 Bus and two other methods (excludes train)000
 Other three methods000
 Worked at home1688
 Did not go to work22157
 Method of travel to work not stated000


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