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Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Method of Travel to Work
Hide subtree Total22 43411 56010 874
Hide subtree Total one method18 86910 1438 726
 Ferry 330
 Tram (includes light rail)835
 Car, as driver15 8628 4617 401
 Car, as passenger1 310610700
 Walked only797391406
Hide subtree Total two methods1348252
 Train and 1 Other:13103
 Ferry 000
 Tram (includes light rail)000
 Car, as driver440
 Car, as passenger000
 Bus and 1 Other251114
 Ferry 000
 Tram (includes light rail)000
 Car, as driver000
 Car, as passenger221111
 Other two methods966135
Hide subtree Three methods:1899
 Train and two other methods633
 Bus and two other methods (excludes train)633
 Other three methods633
 Worked at home669252417
 Did not go to work2 4039021 501
 Method of travel to work not stated341172169


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