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StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
OccupationTotalManagersProfessionalsTechnicians and trades workersCommunity and personal service workersClerical and administrative workersSales workersMachinery operators and driversLabourersInadequately described/ Not stated
Industry of Employment
Hide subtree Total28247124202633104153
 Agriculture, forestry and fishing0000000000
 Electricity, gas, water and waste services3030000000
 Wholesale trade12330030030
 Retail trade256030310030
 Accommodation and food services208001200000
 Transport, postal and warehousing7030000400
 Information media and telecommunications13463000000
 Financial and insurance services10050050000
 Rental, hiring and real estate services3000000003
 Professional, scientific and technical services444330070000
 Administrative and support services10300430000
 Public administration and safety7040030000
 Education and training356233030000
 Health care and social assistance523343630030
 Arts and recreation services12440400000
 Other services6030000030
 Inadequately described/Not stated3000030000


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