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Data by theme
Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
OccupationTotalManagersProfessionalsTechnicians and trades workersCommunity and personal service workersClerical and administrative workersSales workersMachinery operators and driversLabourersInadequately described/ Not stated
Industry of Employment
Hide subtree Total22 4352 4774 2323 4082 3993 1132 4251 6442 374363
 Agriculture, forestry and fishing22588252502394510
 Manufacturing2 8213682077331323414249057955
 Electricity, gas, water and waste services179231954023637143
 Construction1 936182541 03441912814928113
 Wholesale trade73013952843110172113498
 Retail trade2 82643484171191591 58014022118
 Accommodation and food services1 76930921228526641782839520
 Transport, postal and warehousing93410637221519736487313
 Information media and telecommunications2903710337732551243
 Financial and insurance services48176117342648333
 Rental, hiring and real estate services29336256378124876
 Professional, scientific and technical services1 001765141184257114107
 Administrative and support services618416461357110432903
 Public administration and safety1 6761563021023456117486144
 Education and training1 9441411 2236224521506448
 Health care and social assistance3 0811421 239102995419112014013
 Arts and recreation services228354623562084324
 Other services9004669464102891418953
 Inadequately described/Not stated4643327692351262264149


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