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StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
Labour Force StatusTotalEmployed totalFull-time(a)Information on itemPart-timeEmployed, away from work(b)Information on itemHours worked not statedUnemployed totalFull-time workPart-time workTotal labour forceNot in the labour forceLabour force status not stated
Hide subtree Persons15 years and over4442791679796159629412228
15 to 191100000303380
20 to 24483414200000034104
25-34 years98825620333308549
35-44 years56433550300043103
45-54 years58452613606605170
55-64 years744523220030348233
65-74 years543013170000030240
75-84 years32000000000266
85 years and over13000000000103
 Males15 years and over22615210634666601584919
15 to 19500000000050
20 to 24231468000001454
25-34 years58483210333305143
35-44 years3428250030002833
45-54 years2620170303302330
55-64 years3124177000002443
65-74 years2818990000018100
75-84 years15000000000123
85 years and over600000000033
 Females15 years and over218127616330936136739
15 to 19600000303330
20 to 242520812000002050
25-34 years40342410000003406
35-44 years2215105000001570
45-54 years3225913303302840
55-64 years43216150030324190
65-74 years2612480000012140
75-84 years17000000000143
85 years and over700000000070


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