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StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
Non-School Qualification: Field of StudyTotalNatural and Physical SciencesInformation TechnologyEngineering and Related TechnologiesArchitecture and BuildingAgriculture, Environmental and Related StudiesHealthEducationManagement and CommerceSociety and CultureCreative ArtsFood, Hospitality and Personal ServicesMixed Field ProgrammesField of study inadequately describedField of study not stated
Hide subtree Persons15 years and over31915426156512248672170334
15-24 years2700030508600005
25-34 years8454106083151590009
35-44 years4330606630763003
45-54 years38304007641130000
55-64 years54003309791304033
65-74 years4140330736930003
75-84 years2300000606300008
85 years and over900000300300003
 Males15 years and over15974201232332431930020
15-24 years1100030003000005
25-34 years4104730409560003
35-44 years2200303300433003
45-54 years1630400330300000
55-64 years2600330306800003
65-74 years2240330403500000
75-84 years1200000303300003
85 years and over900000300300003
 Females15 years and over16080633281924361240314
15-24 years1600000505600000
25-34 years43503304361030006
35-44 years2130303330330000
45-54 years2200000434830000
55-64 years2800000673504030
65-74 years1900000333430003
75-84 years1100000303000005
85 years and over000000000000000


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