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Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Place of Usual Residence 1 Year Ago
Hide subtree Total47 21622 77324 443
 Same usual address 1 year ago as in 201137 40218 10419 298
Hide subtree Different usual address 1 year ago Total7 7033 5624 141
 Not stated(a)Information on item935538
 Same Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2)1 815835980
 Different SA2 Total5 3892 4892 900
 New South Wales3 5791 6841 895
 Victoria1 297571726
 South Australia713734
  Western Australia572235
 Northern Territory613031
 Australian Capital Territory793049
 Other Territories000
 Not stated(b)Information on item2 1111 1071 004


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