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StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
Selected Labour Force, Education and Migration Characteristics
Persons aged 15 years and over443224219
Hide subtree Total labour force293158135
 Employed, worked full-time(b)Information on item16910663
 Employed, worked part-time993663
 Employed, away from work(c)Information on item16115
 Unemployed, looking for work954
 Not in the labour force1234974
% Unemployment(d)Information on item3.13.23
% Labour force participation(e)Information on item66.170.561.6
% Employment to population(f)Information on item64.168.359.8
 Postgraduate Degree LevelInformation on item633330
 Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate LevelInformation on item21912
 Bachelor Degree LevelInformation on item1276562
 Advanced Diploma and Diploma LevelInformation on item271413
 Certificate LevelInformation on item351520
 Lived at same address 1 year ago(g)Information on item327165162
 Lived at different address 1 year ago(g)Information on item1034855
 Lived at same address 5 years ago(h)Information on item1919299
 Lived at different address 5 years ago(h)Information on item237122115


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