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Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Count of DwellingsDwellingsPersons
Dwelling Structure
Hide subtree Total private dwellings20 73144 007
Hide subtree Total occupied private dwellings18 61644 007
 Separate house14 40637 350
Hide subtree Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse etc. total1 0561 734
 One storey9491 534
 Two or more storeys107200
Hide subtree Flat, unit or apartment total3 0494 733
 In a one or two storey block2 9134 532
 In a three storey block99144
 In a four or more storey block2336
 Attached to a house1421
Hide subtree Other dwelling total91152
 Caravan, cabin, houseboat69102
 Improvised home, tent, sleepers out00
 House or flat attached to a shop, office, etc.2250
 Dwelling structure not stated1438
 Unoccupied private dwellings2 115..


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