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Data by theme
StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
Unpaid Child CareTotalCared for totalOwn child/ children onlyOther child/ children onlyOwn child/ children and other child/childrenDid not provide child careUnpaid child care not stated
Hide subtree Persons15 years and over443663333034532
15 to 1912303090
20 to 24470000416
25-34 years100131030798
35-44 years56141130393
45-54 years56121200440
55-64 years748080633
65-74 years53130130373
75-84 years333030246
85 years and over12000093
 Males15 years and over22323185017921
15 to 199000090
20 to 24210000156
25-34 years557700453
35-44 years326600233
45-54 years255500200
55-64 years310000283
65-74 years285050230
75-84 years160000133
85 years and over6000033
 Females15 years and over220431528016611
15 to 193303000
20 to 24260000260
25-34 years456330345
35-44 years248530160
45-54 years317700240
55-64 years438080350
65-74 years258080143
75-84 years173030113
85 years and over6000060


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