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StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
Type of Educational Institution Attending (Full/Part-Time Student Status by Age)
Hide subtree Total1146648
Hide subtree Infants/Primary total1596
 Infants/Primary: Government1293
 Infants/Primary: Catholic303
 Infants/Primary: Other Non Government000
Hide subtree Secondary total1073
 Secondary: Government000
 Secondary: Catholic303
 Secondary: Other Non Government770
Hide subtree Technical or Further Educational Institution total1239
 Full-time student: Aged 15-24 years000
 Full-time student: Aged 25 years and over303
 Part-time student: Aged 15-24 years303
 Part-time student: Aged 25 years and over633
 Full/Part-time student status not stated000
Hide subtree  University or other tertiary Institution total412318
 Full-time student: Aged 15-24 years1468
 Full-time student: Aged 25 years and over1073
 Part-time student: Aged 15-24 years633
 Part-time student: Aged 25 years and over1174
 Full/Part-time student status not stated000
Hide subtree Other type of Educational Institution total330
 Full-time student330
 Part-time student000
 Full/Part-time student status not stated000
 Type of educational institution not stated301812


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