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Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Birthplace of ParentsTotal responses(c)Information on itemBoth parents born overseasFather only born overseasMother only born overseasBoth parents born in AustraliaBirthplace not stated(b)
Hide subtree Total responses(c)Information on item63 8877 0514 0772 68546 5633 511
 Australian19 4211361 23192016 530604
 Australian Aboriginal12430010813
 Chinese 280132161910112
 English18 6941 8011 17877914 522414
 German3 6774572131082 83168
 Irish6 3923382651485 526115
 Italian1 0462551333960118
 New Zealander2821226267238
 Scottish5 0104623142043 96169
 Total persons(c)Information on item47 8096 0472 4921 64934 3903 231
 South African82670744
 Other(d)Information on item2 2071 31222813846465
 Ancestry not stated3 07611244248712 025


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