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Geography LevelLocal Government Areas (2016)
Census year2016
Religious affiliation
Hide subtree Total51 07624 66226 411
 Christianity, nfd1 073492580
 Anglican Church of Australia8 6473 8764 774
 Anglican Catholic Church000
 Other Anglican000
 Catholic, nfd000
 Western Catholic13 0646 1286 940
 Maronite Catholic340
 Melkite Catholic000
 Ukrainian Catholic000
 Chaldean Catholic000
 Syro Malabar Catholic1154
 Catholic, nec000
 Churches of Christ, nfd400
 Churches of Christ (Conference)331023
 Church of Christ (Nondenominational)000
 International Church of Christ000
 Jehovah's Witnesses17870113
 Latterday Saints, nfd000
 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints472225
 Community of Christ303
 Lutheran1 073449619
 Oriental Orthodox, nfd000
 Armenian Apostolic000
 Coptic Orthodox Church744
 Syrian Orthodox Church300
 Ethiopian Orthodox Church330
 Oriental Orthodox, nec000
 Assyrian Apostolic, nfd000
 Assyrian Church of the East000
 Ancient Church of the East000
 Assyrian Apostolic, nec000
 Eastern Orthodox, nfd000
 Albanian Orthodox000
 Antiochian Orthodox630
 Greek Orthodox249124132
 Macedonian Orthodox000
 Romanian Orthodox000
 Russian Orthodox1849
 Serbian Orthodox291819
 Ukrainian Orthodox906
 Eastern Orthodox, nec000
 Presbyterian and Reformed, nfd000
 Presbyterian1 824832994
 Free Reformed000
 Salvation Army1406079
 Seventhday Adventist20499103
 Uniting Church2 1398441 298
 Pentecostal, nfd495208286
 Apostolic Church (Australia)000
 Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God)19610
 Bethesda Ministries International (Bethesda Churches)000
 C3 Church Global (Christian City Church)000
 International Network of Churches (Christian Outreach Centres)000
 CRC International (Christian Revival Crusade)000
 Foursquare Gospel Church000
 Full Gospel Church of Australia (Full Gospel Church)000
 Revival Centres300
 Rhema Family Church000
 United Pentecostal000
 Acts 2 Alliance000
 Christian Church in Australia000
 Pentecostal City Life Church000
 Revival Fellowship000
 Victory Life Centre000
 Victory Worship Centre000
 Worship Centre Network000
 Pentecostal, nec000
 Other Protestant, nfd191210
 Aboriginal Evangelical Missions004
 Born Again Christian16129
 Christian and Missionary Alliance000
 Church of the Nazarene000
 Ethnic Evangelical Churches000
 Independent Evangelical Churches15611
 Wesleyan Methodist Church000
 Christian Community Churches of Australia440
 Methodist, so described361525
 United Methodist Church000
 Other Protestant, nec000
 Other Christian, nfd000
 Apostolic Church of Queensland000
 Christian Science000
 Gnostic Christians000
 Liberal Catholic Church000
 New Apostolic Church15612
 New Churches (Swedenborgian)000
 Ratana (Maori)303
 Religious Science000
 Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)300
 Temple Society000
 Grace Communion International (Worldwide Church of God)000
 Other Christian, nec843
 Australian Aboriginal Traditional Religions1998
 Chinese Religions, nfd000
 Ancestor Veneration000
 Chinese Religions, nec000
 Japanese Religions, nfd000
 Sukyo Mahikari000
 Japanese Religions, nec000
 Nature Religions, nfd300
 Wiccan (Witchcraft)29822
 Nature Religions, nec340
 Church of Scientology300
 Religious Groups, nec171211
 Secular Beliefs and Other Spiritual Beliefs and No Religious Affiliation000
 No Religion, so described14 0687 5066 559
 Secular Beliefs, nfd000
 Secular Beliefs, nec000
 Other Spiritual Beliefs, nfd000
 Multi Faith000
 New Age000
 Own Spiritual Beliefs361522
 Unitarian Universalism000
 Other Spiritual Beliefs, nec303
 Inadequately described22416067
 Not stated4 4962 2732 223


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