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Geography LevelLocal Government Areas (2016)
Census year2016
Birthplace of Person
Hide subtree Total51 07624 66226 411
 Oceania and Antarctica, nfd000
 Australia (includes External Territories), nfd000
 Australia41 58520 06921 517
 Norfolk Island500
 Australian External Territories, nec000
 New Zealand540275263
 Melanesia, nfd000
 New Caledonia000
 Papua New Guinea2089
 Solomon Islands000
 Micronesia, nfd000
 Marshall Islands000
 Micronesia, Federated States of000
 Northern Mariana Islands000
 Polynesia (excludes Hawaii), nfd000
 Cook Islands000
 French Polynesia000
 Samoa, American000
 Wallis and Futuna000
 Pitcairn Islands000
 Polynesia (excludes Hawaii), nec000
 Antarctica, nfd000
 Adelie Land (France)000
 Argentinian Antarctic Territory000
 Australian Antarctic Territory000
 British Antarctic Territory000
 Chilean Antarctic Territory000
 Queen Maud Land (Norway)000
 Ross Dependency (New Zealand)000
 NorthWest Europe, nfd000
 United Kingdom, Channel Islands and IsleOf Man, nfd633
 England1 012504512
 IsleOf Man303
 Northern Ireland12710
 Western Europe, nfd000
 Northern Europe, nfd000
 Faroe Islands000
 Aland Islands000
 Southern and Eastern Europe, nfd000
 Southern Europe, nfd000
 Holy See000
 San Marino000
 South Eastern Europe, nfd291314
 Bosnia and Herzegovina933
 The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia330
 Eastern Europe, nfd1154
 Czech Republic1539
 Russian Federation12118
 North Africa and the Middle East, nfd000
 North Africa, nfd000
 Western Sahara000
 Spanish North Africa000
 South Sudan333
 Middle East, nfd000
 Gaza Strip and West Bank000
 Saudi Arabia003
 United Arab Emirates300
 SouthEast Asia, nfd000
 Mainland SouthEast Asia, nfd000
 Maritime SouthEast Asia, nfd000
 Brunei Darussalam000
 NorthEast Asia, nfd000
 Chinese Asia (includes Mongolia), nfd000
 China (excludes SARs and Taiwan)1164968
 Hong Kong (SAR of China)381620
 Macau (SAR of China)000
 Japan and the Koreas, nfd000
 Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (North)000
 Korea, Republic of (South)341620
 Southern and Central Asia, nfd000
 Southern Asia, nfd000
 Sri Lanka1024757
 Central Asia, nfd000
 Americas, nfd000
 Northern America, nfd000
 St Pierre and Miquelon000
 United States Of America1024552
 South America, nfd000
 Falkland Islands000
 French Guiana000
 South America, nec000
 Central America, nfd000
 Costa Rica000
 El Salvador000
 Caribbean, nfd000
 Antigua and Barbuda000
 Cayman Islands000
 Dominican Republic000
 Puerto Rico000
 St Kitts and Nevis000
 St Lucia000
 St Vincent and the Grenadines000
 Trinidad and Tobago000
 Turks and Caicos Islands000
 Virgin Islands, British000
 Virgin Islands, United States000
 St Barthelemy000
 St Martin (French part)000
 Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba000
 Sint Maarten (Dutch part)000
 SubSaharan Africa, nfd000
 Central and West Africa, nfd000
 Burkina Faso000
 Cabo Verde000
 Central African Republic000
 Congo, Republic of000
 Congo, Democratic Republic of17413
 Cote d'Ivoire000
 Equatorial Guinea000
 Guinea Bissau000
 Sao Tome and Principe000
 Sierra Leone000
 Southern and East Africa, nfd000
 St Helena000
 South Africa1326566
 Southern and East Africa, nec000
 Inadequately Described853
 At sea000
 Not Stated3 9491 9112 034


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