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Geography LevelLocal Government Areas (2016)
Census Year2016
Method of travel to work
Train 1547
Bus 1265669
Ferry 633
Tram 304
Taxi 381816
Car, as driver 16 9878 9088 079
Car, as passenger 1 102524580
Truck 1341373
Motorbike/scooter 11810610
Bicycle 21816845
Other 996234
Walked only 760366388
Total one method 19 60110 3519 252
Train, bus 330
Train, ferry 000
Train, tram 000
Train, car as driver 875
Train, car as passenger 000
Train and one other17117
Bus and one other19810
Bus, ferry 000
Bus, tram 000
Bus, car as driver 440
Bus, car as passenger 1357
Other two methods1418751
Total two methods17610671
Train and two other methods640
Bus and two other methods (excludes train)000
Other three methods1183
Total three methods14113
Worked at home 723273452
Did not go to work 2 2087861 425
Not stated 1819882
Total22 90711 62011 284


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