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Data by theme
Geography LevelLocal Government Areas (2016)
Census year2016
Hours WorkedNone1-15 hours16-24 hours25-34 hours35-39 hours40 hours41-48 hours49 hours and overNot statedTotal
Hide subtree PersonsHide subtree Total8382 7682 3442 9724 3623 8972 2753 06238822 907
 Managers6588113148364478373849302 508
 Professionals215310459613837856499671424 502
 Technicians and Trades Workers90160155231745924467550503 364
 Community and Personal Service Workers102511461572509280158173512 820
 Clerical and Administrative Workers122342388526799451226132173 004
 Sales Workers93714344385342235173182372 504
 Machinery Operators and Drivers4987100134340287213305241 542
 Labourers84534299344376342157140472 328
 Inadequately described & Not stated122719205146175090333
 MalesHide subtree Total3098575968882 2822 5801 5722 30122011 620
 Managers31314454184316257640211 580
 Professionals516381139364435249402141 789
 Technicians and Trades Workers759579134631858434510482 855
 Community and Personal Service Workers2410569107165107858518768
 Clerical and Administrative Workers2244315215114685707597
 Sales Workers21188818715214111014815939
 Machinery Operators and Drivers467876118311271200298251 414
 Labourers47239125186297287141112301 460
 Inadequately described & Not stated8176113729103755212
 FemalesHide subtree Total5211 9061 7522 0812 0771 31569875817111 284
 Professionals163255375478476426244270262 712
 Technicians and Trades Workers186279971086932407508
 Community and Personal Service Workers804003964653461727095362 053
 Clerical and Administrative Workers10730036147464330514362132 406
 Sales Workers72521266294197966135271 570
 Machinery Operators and Drivers87261823156130123
 Inadequately described & Not stated315125201731236122


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