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Geography Level
Census Year2016
ManagersProfessionalsTechnicians and Trades WorkersCommunity and Personal Service WorkersClerical and Administrative WorkersSales WorkersMachinery Operators and DriversLabourersInadequately described & Not stated
SexLevel of Education
Hide subtree PersonsPostgraduate Degree Level, nfd253230000000
Doctoral Degree Level159161274390000
Master Degree Level672138402103445167184
Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate Level, nfd498310030000
Graduate Diploma Level477533101349485040
Graduate Certificate Level123188107160000
Bachelor Degree Level3 7515012 219125296345112497134
Advanced Diploma and Diploma Level, nfd290431406030
Advanced Diploma and Associate Degree Level919157251861631346522347
Diploma Level1 563223281157371270113537217
Certificate III & IV Level6 0136112942 16978870441246350175
Certificate I & II Level382252437591035732518
Certificate Level, nfd5496140381021387045520
Level of education inadequately described15716331123271513139
Level of education not stated423315546464447347633
Total15 2851 8484 1722 6901 9481 880917734898188
 MalesPostgraduate Degree Level, nfd9330000000
Doctoral Degree Level805620050000
Master Degree Level294721653102086110
Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate Level, nfd216150000000
Graduate Diploma Level173261147983000
Graduate Certificate Level3913190340000
Bachelor Degree Level1 45229475487909046463722
Advanced Diploma and Diploma Level, nfd7000000000
Advanced Diploma and Associate Degree Level40291956352223426227
Diploma Level607118122110803738493613
Certificate III & IV Level3 9764771791 92219915518143637260
Certificate I & II Level13910102214121827294
Certificate Level, nfd20129152816172938380
Level of education inadequately described751622480101134
Level of education not stated19617253814317343815
Total7 6741 1771 5942 289489364373677585123
 FemalesPostgraduate Degree Level, nfd210140000000
Doctoral Degree Level7410650030000
Master Degree Level37866240323238355
Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate Level, nfd273190030000
Graduate Diploma Level30924203341380030
Graduate Certificate Level8876100120000
Bachelor Degree Level2 2962081 467362082597233511
Advanced Diploma and Diploma Level, nfd200031403000
Advanced Diploma and Associate Degree Level5105816122112115333150
Diploma Level957106159432922357053612
Certificate III & IV Level2 0351341122435855472363213117
Certificate I & II Level2391410154796367233
Certificate Level, nfd34730241488126484200
Level of education inadequately described823164192744104
Level of education not stated22216291235443733716
Total7 6076772 5813991 4551 5125425731863


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