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Geography Level
Labour force statusEmployed, worked full-timeEmployed, worked part-timeEmployed, away from workEmployed, hours of work not statedTotal EmployedUnemployed, looking for full-time workUnemployed, looking for part-time workTotal UnemployedTotal Labour ForceNot in the labour forceLabour force status not statedTotal
Hide subtree PersonsInformation on itemHide subtree Total61066652241 3561181052251 578980232 577
 0-4 years561221041891425342233167553
 5-9 years1232062033553845884422873733
 10-12 years141116832701920383091687484
 13-14 years1088035199161031227946331
 15-17 years1401083426021929286780370
 18-20 years292900594046014081
 21-24 years19600250002515032
 MalesInformation on itemHide subtree Total163390320823326232925332
 0-4 years21300243033124455
 5-9 years351400456375324077
 10-12 years34704433034821070
 13-14 years29300305054011050
 15-17 years36903454044410055
 18-20 years1230011000184021
 21-24 years300030003003
 FemalesInformation on itemHide subtree Total44562554211 142961072021 342883172 245
 0-4 years291131041621025291992983496
 5-9 years921952033053546803892674656
 10-12 years1101031342291920312611423407
 13-14 years807835169101024190826276
 15-17 years1011033421615926236760316
 18-20 years21240044000508061
 21-24 years13600210002113033


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