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StateSouth Australia
Region TypeStatistical Area Level 1
Non-School Qualification: Level of EducationPostgraduate Degree LevelGraduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate LevelBachelor Degree LevelAdvanced Diploma and Diploma LevelCertificate Level total Certificate Level, nfd Certificate III & IV Level(c) Certificate I & II Level(d)Level of education inadequately describedLevel of education not statedTotal
Hide subtree Persons15 years and over642112626350269441317
15-24 years0011440400625
25-34 years1933310703401284
35-44 years4421050054341
45-54 years14517030300039
55-64 years1491731001000356
65-74 years10019330300540
75-84 years305630300623
85 years and over00300000069
 Males15 years and over3566410170125422158
15-24 years00000000066
25-34 years13016730300443
35-44 years0012050054324
45-54 years507030300015
55-64 years867030300327
65-74 years6014030300023
75-84 years305300000314
85 years and over00300000036
 Females15 years and over29156216180144019159
15-24 years0011440400019
25-34 years6317340040841
35-44 years449000000017
45-54 years9510000000024
55-64 years6310370700029
65-74 years405300000517
75-84 years00033030039
85 years and over00000000033


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