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Data by theme
Region TypeLocal Government Areas (2011)
LGA 2011
Count of Families and Persons in FamiliesFamiliesPersons
Family Composition
Hide subtree Total12 31735 167
Hide subtree Couple family total4 99319 296
 Couple family with no children4 9369 718
Hide subtree children under 15 total3 60514 737
 dependent students and non-dependent children84471
 dependent students and no non-dependent children5322 435
 no dependent students and non-dependent children151692
 no dependent students and no non-dependent children2 83811 139
Hide subtree no children under 15 total1 3884 559
 dependent students and non-dependent children217887
 dependent students and no non-dependent children4261 359
 no dependent students and non-dependent children7452 313
Hide subtree One parent family total2 2105 793
Hide subtree children under 15 total 1 2853 752
 dependent students and non-dependent children28116
 dependent students and no non-dependent children155553
 no dependent students and non-dependent children81318
 no dependent students and no non-dependent children1 0212 765
Hide subtree  no children under 15 total9252 041
 dependent students and non-dependent children78258
 dependent students and no non-dependent children241519
 no dependent students and non-dependent children6061 264
 Other family178360


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